Thank You For Being Our Friends!

Regeneracion Childcare NYC at our 2015 Collective Retreat

All of us at Regeneración wish to send a BIIIIIIG thank you out to the many wonderful folks that donated to our Indiegogo campaign this winter:  

Alice Forbes Spear             Aneesa Sen                        Anya Rous
Aren Aizura                        Arif Ullah                           Ben Fuller-Googins
Bianca Bockman                 Caitlin Hammer                Chase Strangio
Cheyenna Weber                Chris Dixon                       Courtney Couvreur
Emi Wang                            Fareen Ramji                     Fawna Stockwell
Gaurav Jashnani                 Jayanth Eranki                  Jennifer Kinder
Jennifer Kline                      Maggie Corser                  Man Lee Grant
Matias Pelenur                    Maureen C Darras           Mitra Rastegar
Molly Butler                        Natalie Cortes-Sweenie   Natalie Karchmer
Nathan Levitt & Bran Fenner                                        Nazia Kazi
RJ Maccani                           Sabelo Narasimhan          Sethu Nair
Sofia Bernards                     Stefan Lanwermeyer        Stephanie Arcella
Suchithra Nancherla          Sullivan Oakley                 Theresa Bernards
Uma Rao                              Veralyn Williams              Wendy Stark
Yonatan Miller                    Anonymous                       Anonymous 
Anonymous                        Anonymous                       Anonymous
Anonymous                        Anonymous                       Anonymous

Thanks to your generosity, we were able to raise over $3500 to support our local work in the coming year! Your amazing donations will enable us to buy face-paint and supplies for childcare and children’s programming, to hire talented trainers to bring new skills to our communities, and to create long-term plans for building radical, loving and intergenerational movements. We can’t wait to gather with you at our community events, to learn new things together at workshops, and to provide childcare, kids programming and trainings for many amazing groups across New York City!

With everlasting love and gratitude,
Regeneración Childcare NYC